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Boundary Road,Lewiston Adelaide 5501 Australia
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H2Orainwater Tanks, is in the business of creating custom rainwater tanks for tight fit areas.  We custom construct your tank to suit your colour decore, and pre build the tank, then place it together on site.
This enables us to fit tanks to already existing yards or garden areas eliminating the use of cranes and expensive machinery. 
We work with the best quality Australian Aquaplate. This is a Bluescope product where the steel has a special food grade coating applied to protect your water from any taste or contaminants from the steel.  Aquaplate comes with a 20year warranty. 
We can also repair your rainwater tank, clean and replace if need be.
H2Orainwater tanks can supply any size tank, ranging in size from 1000ltrs to 50000 ltrs.
We can also supply Galvanised tanks, Fire tanks for rural situations, Modular tanks, Slim line tanks for hard to fit areas and a range of raised garden beds for homes

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